Monthly Archives: March 2007

Chat from your Mobile

Atul Chitnis informs on his website about the release of Mundu IM V4. Mundu IM v4 is an Instant Messaging client for mobile devices. Initially for PalmOS and Windows Mobile based devices.

Using Mundu IM v4, you can (via GPRS, WiFi, CDMA, etc.) access all your IM contacts on Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, Google Talk, ICQ, AOL and generic Jabber services while on the road – and all at the same time. No PC required!

You can chat with your contacts, send them photos and other stuff from your device, and even (between selected services) do a cross-service chat – you can have a conference with users on different services as if they were all on the same service.

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Mobile technology in Indian Railways

Just read this post regarding Indian Railways Getting Tech Smart on Techtree. Its good that Railway has also recognised that mobile solutions can really help them be more productive or atleast provide better services to their travellers.

Here is the piece from the article:

A proposal to provide hand held computer terminals to TTEs in reserved coaches is on the anvil. How it will work is that the TTEs will feed in the current vacancy position, coach wise and berth wise in the hand held terminals, which will be directly linked to passenger reservation system (PRS) to enable allotment of vacant berths to wait-listed passengers at ensuing stations.

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