Monthly Archives: November 2008

Chibu is 1 yr. old

I am so happy to see my little baby girl grow. She turned 1 this 24th.

Since my wife – Pragati is still bravely fighting a very rare form of cancer called Epithelioid Sarcoma, we didn’t have a big party.
But our family and few close friends joined us at our home in celebrating her birthday. It was a really special day and we embraced this little happiness thrown our way after a long – long time with open arms.
She is really a blessing in our life, something which keeps both of us going in these tough times. We wish her all the happiness in life to come. 
In the picture on left you can see her opening gifts with a curoisity which only a child can posses. For more pics click here.

Mithun on TV

My younger brother, Mithun was on national TV for a small time recently. Included below is video from NDTV, top news channel of India. It basically reports how recent pirate attacks are not deterring new marine engineers from joining their duties on ships. My brother Mithun is one of them. For those who don’t know him, his is the last interview by the correspondent in the video. 

Thumb Impression goes mobile

Just came across very interesting article in The Hindu Business Line which is a classic case of technology working at grassroot level.

This articles mentions how Micro Finance Institutions operating in rural areas of India are a using mobile application to authorise financial transactions for villagers.
This unique mobile application actually uses mobile camera for fingerprint recognition, really helpful for rural people who sometime lack basic ability to sign any kind of document and even if they can a finger print is always better then a signature as it can’t be forged.