Chibu is 1 yr. old

I am so happy to see my little baby girl grow. She turned 1 this 24th.

Since my wife – Pragati is still bravely fighting a very rare form of cancer called Epithelioid Sarcoma, we didn’t have a big party.
But our family and few close friends joined us at our home in celebrating her birthday. It was a really special day and we embraced this little happiness thrown our way after a long – long time with open arms.
She is really a blessing in our life, something which keeps both of us going in these tough times. We wish her all the happiness in life to come. 
In the picture on left you can see her opening gifts with a curoisity which only a child can posses. For more pics click here.

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    In search of an independent woman
    Let the reasons go numb.
    Don’t think.
    Thoughts might bring in some change.
    They fear it.
    Don’t let those new ideas create havoc.
    Let them stay out of range.
    Why argue?
    Why find it strange?
    Don’t let those ideas run around.
    Keep them inside and arrange.
    Don’t bother the world.
    Wait for the right time,
    and be ready to derange.

    I’m not satisfied with whatever I’ve written here but this is what came out of me when I was thinking of ‘an independent woman’. Someone who is not easily welcomed in majority of social frames. She has to wear a tame, agreeable, sweet, affable mask. Even if she is tame, agreeable, sweet, affable and everything good, she has to keep her independence in a closet. And some have forgotten what it means to be independent. I’m not talking about throwing away all things traditional, but I’m talking about knowing and doing what is reasonably right.

    Many women just follow the instructions given at the back of every relationship’s package.

    Following a wrong sleep pattern, I’m trying to make use of it and wish myself a Happy Woman’s Day. The world has a very confused image of an independent woman. At least I am confused. So here I am, trying to ramble on about whatever comes to my mind after that thought.

    Women are still portrayed in the Kitchen in children’s Standard 1 books in India. Perhaps setting an example about what lies in the future for them. They should make food and feed their men just the way their moms did. Over past two hundred years, there have been scattered examples of vocal outbursts of independent women. Many were misplaced, many were mistaken. Feminism is perhaps the most misunderstood terms around.
    I’ve celebrated this day as a literature student, reading Kamala Das, Simone de Beauvoir, Elice Walker and Virginia Woolfe. But outside the books and theories, there is a different reality. Poor women, they thought it might be about earning. They went out of home. Today, a woman earns as much as a man does. At least in some parts of the world. But she still ‘tweaks’, ‘adjusts’, ‘squeezes’ herself through so many uncomfortable moments that a man can forget over a cup of tea or a bottle of beer.
    Lemme take a look around. Women from certain part of society in cities work, earn, drive, travel and live alone. But what about millions of other women?
    I’ve been shielded through many cliches that a girl goes through. But out on my own, when I look around, I keep getting more confused. I should rather look inside. I speak my mind, I follow my heart, I write what comes in my head, I get disgusted at men who stare at me at railway stations, I get frustrated when my reason is compromised, I respect men who make attempt at understanding women, I pity women who do not understand their own value…. But I’m conditioned too. Just like anyother woman or man walking on the street or giving speeches for Presidential elections. Obviously the search can’t end with one blog.

    In search of PEACE !!!
    +91 9925 000 544

  2. Thanks for posting your comments on my blog Roopalee. You are truly multi-faceted. An Executive, a DJ, a poet and an independent woman. When are you turning a blogger as well? You already have a fan following I guess from DJing, you can announce your blog at parties and connect with many more like minded and nice people from all over the world. Think about it.

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