G2G Here We Come!


It was in March this year that Delhi Randonneurs announced India Gate to Gateway of India ride, a ride which would start from India Gate, Delhi and finish at Gateway of India, Mumbai after covering a distance of 1450 KMs in 6 days. Ride was planned for mid December and they announcing it 9 months ago, gave lots of time to train and plan. I was not sure that I should do it or not, but then fellow rider from Nagpur, Dev called and said that he wants to do it and wanted me to accompany him. After some discussion, we agreed and registered.

I knew I had to build up my endurance so I did multiple brevets, got my first Super Randonneur title and also did one multi-day bike event- Tour of Aravallis. I also tried to do 100+ KMs rides whenever I could, once a week minimum and sometimes twice or thrice a week. I was not really confident about Dev’s practise and kept pushing him to ride more, but he had his own plan, which I was not very sure of.  I was feeling confident about my endurance after doing 400 KM Brevet twice and 600 KM Brevet once.

Maximum we needed to do on a single day during G2G was 270 KMs. So I knew I could do it if I take it easy and mostly ride in my endurance HR zone. Still I needed to recover at night and be ready next day to repeat this all over again. So I decided that I need to reach Delhi with some good sleep reserves and also try to sleep early during G2G. Beside that I was really worried about saddle discomfort, from doing this for 6 days continuously. I decided to invest in some good bike shorts and also bought some Chamois Butter for the first time. From our G2G WhatsApp group I came to know that some riders are using Infinity seats (seats with more hole than seat) or real comfy seats for saddle comfort. I was not sure about any of those, so I decided to not really experiment with my saddle.

I also changed my cassette and chain some 15-20 days before the event as you should not change components just before the event. I wanted to avoid punctures so I switched to Continental Gatorskin tyres. I also bought a Cateye Volt 50 back light to provide me good visibility even during daytime.

We packed our bikes in boxes on 15th December and flew Air India (They don’t charge for oversized baggage) and landed in Delhi on 16th December, morning. We had 2 bike boxes with us so our plan was to hire an Ola SUV. Network congestion at terminal resulted in very patchy internet on my phone, but after sometime I was able to book the taxi and we reached the guesthouse where we were staying without any problems.


We unpacked and assembled our bikes, had some lunch and then joined 22 other G2G riders at India Gate for some photo opportunity in our official event T-shirts. After that we again came back to our guesthouse.

Ride started next day at 5.30 AM from India Gate and we were asked to reach by 5 AM, so we had an early dinner, had a short walk and went to bed by 8.30. In my future posts I shall cover each day of riding in detail, so do watch out for them 🙂

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