Maggan, Satan & Devil

Day 2 –  Jaipur – Bhilwara, 18th Dec 2016

Both me and Dev thought that we were little fast on Day 1 due to excitement or we being fresh  so we decided that we should ride real easy for 2-3 days now. So we begin our day 2 ride slowly. We were riding at a comfortable speed and then suddenly I hear someone saying something in Hindi, but with a strange accent and I see Maggan (A journalist who has come all the way from Sweden for G2G and knows a bit Hindi) passing us. She and Gaurav Wadhwa were riding together and they pass us and I keep looking at them. I tell myself – “Let them go, we are riding as par our own plan”. I am still looking at them and thinking that they will slowly disappear ahead of us. After a few minutes, I can still see them and I increase our speed a little and soon we get close to them and I think maybe they are not riding that fast and it can be fun to ride with them and we can work together and not get tired even at a faster speed, so to hell with the original plan, I accelerate with full might and soon catch up with them and pass them. But to make my intentions clear that I am not really competing with them and want to work with them, I slow down and let them come in my slipstream.

Dev aka Devil and Maggan at our Coffee Break

I could see that Dev was behind me and Maggan probably behind him, judging from our shadows which I could see easily on our sides without turning my head. After riding at front for sometime, Dev comes at front and after sometime Maggan says, she will take some of the wind, so she starts riding at front and I get into her slipstream. Dev is still behind me, but I can’t see Gaurav. Maggan is riding really fast and I try to stay with her, it was not easy but it was fun and thrilling to ride with her. After sometime Dev fades away from behind and I decide to stay with Maggan. Me and Maggan kept taking turns at the front and another hour just flew by and I wanted to stop, so I tell Maggan that maybe we should stop for a coffee and she says yes. Soon we see a restaurant and stop, Dev it turns out was not really much behind and soon joins us as we were getting off from the bike. Maggan compliments me for my riding and asks my name, I tell her, my name is Sachin and she obviously doesn’t understand it at first, so I tell her a few more times and I hope she understood. But later I actually found out that she didn’t and in her mind she kept referring to me as Satan and to Dev as Devil :-D.

Waiting for Aloo Parathas

We ate some biscuits and Dev and Maggan had black coffee and since I wanted my coffee with milk, I had to wait as there was no milk at the shop and we had to stop for more time than we planned as milk came after a long time and finally I got my coffee. We left together after coffee and Maggan again set a fast tempo and we followed, after sometime Dev told us to go ahead as he was having some issue with his knee and wanted to ride slow. Me and Maggan rode ahead and after sometime probably coffee kicked in and I felt an energy surge or maybe it was a favourable wind pushing us and I really started enjoying riding fast with Maggan. But this lasted only for a few KMs and we had to turn left to bypass Kishangarh and go towards Chittorgarh. I caught a glimpse of Shaktivahini volunteers at the junction, they were clapping and cheering for us. That always helps on such long rides so big thanks to them. But as soon as we turned left, I found out that it were winds which were propelling us and now started punishing us. Also the route was lumpy now and we slowed down considerably but this section of road was really quiet with hardly any traffic and we could also see some beautiful mountains to our right, so that was nice. Still I was tired but kept pedalling without thinking too much. On such rides sometime you just need to keep pedalling no matter what. After some time it was almost 12 PM and I started feeling hungry and told this to Maggan and she also wanted to eat something so we started looking for a place to eat and soon came across a dhaba in front of a beautiful sandy mountain and we stopped.

Dev, Maggan and Me at Bhiwara

We resumed after having some aloo parathas, soft drinks and wafers, after riding for another 20 KMs we saw Chiro and Poonam waving us down at a dhaba so we again stopped and had some Roti and Daal. We filled our water bottles, got some Wild Water (It’s really refreshing) and Whole Foods energy bars (Probably the only energy bars which don’t taste awful) to carry with us and proceeded ahead. We took another coffee stop and a rest stop before we finally entered the Bhilwara city. We were asked to stop at some resort and we freshened up there. Dev and Anurag rolled in after sometime. After having hot Pakodas and tea, Chiro took us to main city where lots of local cyclists and district magistrate welcomed us. Manoj and Divyesh also joined us there as they have reached before us and were resting at hotel. We rode through the city with local cyclists and then went to a hall where Lions club of Bhilwara and Vivekananda Center felicitated us and we all shared our experiences with the people present there and after that we finally rode to our hotel and had dinner and went to bed. People from Bhilwara were nice, but I still would have wanted to reach hotel as soon as possible and go to bed a little earlier to be fully rested for another long day to come.

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