India Strikes Gold in Beijing

Abhinav Bindra created history today by becoming first Indian to win Olympic Gold Medal for any individual event. He won the Gold in Men’s 10m Air Rifle Shooting event. Also this is India’s first Olympic Gold since 1980.

Bindra has done his country proud and had instantly become a hero in India. He has recently started blogging at –

Check out news about his Gold Medal win at the Official Olymics website here.

While this single Gold Medal may not take us anywhere in this Olympic but I would like to believe that this is the sign of things to come. It sure is.

Amitabh Bacchan writes on his blog – “We are so proud of you and so delighted to have made every Indian walk a little taller ! Thank you Abhinav, and more glory and success to you. As a dear friend from Mumbai put it – ‘after almost a century and 2 billion births an Indian wins his first individual gold at the Olympics’.”

So please join me in congratulating Abhinav on his great feet and lets start celebrations 🙂

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  1. Riddhi, Thanks for checking out my blog. Yes I offered what I could to Abhinav Bindra, however I am not sure if he will accept it.

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