Low Cost Palm PDA

Palm has launched Z22 its latest entry level PDA. Good news is that it is color version of its predecessor Zire 21, rest of the specs are almost same. Palm is offering this color variant of Zire 21 at its old price of$99 in US.

On Palm India its listed price is Rs. 8500 without local taxes. I fail to understand the logic behind import duties for PDA, something costing around 4500 costs double here. Maybe this is responsible for low penetration of PDAs in India.

Anyway leaving aside all that I will still say that it’s the cheapest PDA available in India now and is very lightweight and sleek. Those of you who want to check it out can do so at:


I think import duties on mobile phones are much less as we can get cellphone models almost at same price here in India, unlike old days.

Irony here is even PDA phones like O2, Imate and Treo are perhaps treated as PDAs and not phones and thus attract higher duties resulting in higher prices. I think somebody should take it up with custom department or IT department of India. May be if they listen, it can help many companies and people in India to do work on field and become more productive.

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