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I am Sachin Palewar from Nagpur, India. I started as freelance programmer in 1999 with Visual Basic and created several desktop applications for local clients. Automating AutoCAD and Adobe Flash using their COM libs in my projects were some of the interesting things I did. My favorite work was a project which used to generate L-Section and Cross Section AutoCAD drawings of proposed roads using the data fed into the system by surveyors.

After that I started a software company with close friends in Nagpur, India and we developed softwares for Windows Mobile and Palm OS platforms. My company was one of the highly ranked company on outsourcing website rentacoder.com (now acquired by freelancer.com). We worked for clients from all over the globe, specially US, Australia and UK.

We migrated to developing for iOS and Android when they became the dominant mobile platforms. I developed an iPhone app back in 2010 named ‘Indian Holidays’ which was one of the Top 10 Free App in Indian App Store for a few days. In 2011 we got an award of USD 15,000 from Intel AppUp App Store for our Windows App ‘Unit Converter’. In 2012 we worked on an iOS App called LoYakk for one of our clients, this App won ‘Race for Apps’ during London Olympics . We also did some Android & Windows Phone Apps.

I ran the company for 11 yrs. till Oct 2014 and then decided to step away and try out something else, something good, something different. While I am figuring out what to do, I spend my time with my family, go on long bike rides & do some freelance IT consulting. I will be happy to talk about any collaboration and contribution opportunities with readers of this blog.

If you are here for the first time, I recommend reading my thoughts on Indian Education, Computer for Kids & Computer Programmers and if you are an IT guy, you may like reading this, this, this, this old and this even older post to understand my Product/User Experience thought process.

You can reach me on Twitter(@palewar) or by email at – sachin AT palewar DOT com or just leave a comment below.

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