Next Generation Mobile Phone coming your way…

Synaptics, the company which makes the trackpads which you use on your laptops intends to offer a high resolution touch screen material called ClearPad to mobile phone manufacturers.

If I understand it correctly whole phone can be made up of this new material, so it possibly mean we can touch anywhere on the phone body and it can do something we want? And we can also show some grphics anywhere on any side of the phone.

Synaptics calls this concept Onyx and you can check this out on their website at

There have been a lot of innovations in mobile software/platform level and obviously hardware has been also scaled up to meet the advanced software, but this truely can mean a giant leap and can begin a new era and we can see the phones which we have till now only seen in sci-fi movies or may be even better than them.

It means phone displays, stylus, phone keypad will be things of past and you will be able to change the look of your phone everyday, whenever you want without need for any add-on cover or things like that.

Whole phone will be your display screen as well as touch screen.

Future looks wonderful đŸ™‚

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