Samsung i800 (first ALP phone) coming soon

Eversince Palmsource (Now Access) decided to wrap its Palm OS on top of a Linux Mobile OS, people everywhere were wondering about what and how the OS and its interface will finally look.

Well wait seems to be over and as Brighthand reports first ALP (Access Linux Platform) powered smartphone is soon going to be launched in Europe. Phone is reportedly Samsung i800 and will be launched on Orange. To read more about ALP platform and more screenshots go here.

I like what I have seen so far. On an ALP device/phone you can run:

  • Native Linux applications
  • Palm OS applications
  • Java applications

If you add web applications which can be rendered on its Netfront browser then in total you have 4 different software platform options on an ALP smartphone.

Reportedly it will debut in Europe and Asia before reaching American shores.

2 thoughts on “Samsung i800 (first ALP phone) coming soon

  1. Sachin,

    I am eager to hear more on this device as things progress. One of the key elements that so far I have not heard anything about is synchronization. As a Palm OS (Okay, Garnet OS) Developer, I have worked on applications that need their respective HotSync based conduits to operate as a means to import and export data. Without them the application operating on the device is of no use. Any thoughts on that?

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for posting your comment. Well ALP is going to support old garnet OS applications so it should support the old conduits and hotsync I guess. Moreover you can notice a Hotsync icon in the phone image included with this post which confirms that nothing of conduit/hotsync is going away. How did you get that impression?

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