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iPhone is here…

Apple decided to end the long running rumours when Steve Jobs in his keynote address at Macworld 2007 finally announced the much awaited iPhone (http://apple.com/iphone)

I watched the demos and keynote video on apple’s site and I think it really has potential to be a revolutionary product.

Other highlights of the event were Apple rechristening itself as Apple Inc from earlier Apple Computers Inc and announcement of another interesting product called Apple TV (http://apple.com/appletv/)

Coming back to iPhone, its going to be available in 2 models:

1. 4GB model costing $499 with 2 yrs contract
2. 8GB model costing $599 with 2 yrs contract

Its going to be available on Cingular networks in USA starting June 2007, in Europe by the end of this year and in Asia in 2008.

Now talking about some unique features of the phone:

1. Simple design without keys and you don’t need stylus to tap on the touch screen.
2. You can merge 2 simultaneous calls in a conferance with a few simple tapping on the screen
3. You can scroll without scroll bar
4. You can flip through pictures in your phone like you flip pages of a book
5. SMS, Text messages are displayed as chats in IMs
6. Sensor detects if you rotate the device and changes your portrait mode to landscape automatically
7. Light sensor adjusts brightness according to light around you
8. Proximity sensor detects when you move phone near your ears and switches off the display
9. You can zoom in and zoom out using a pinch motion on screen using your two fingers
10. It runs Mac OS X

There is lots to talk and know about iPhone, so I will suggest to watch Steve Job’s keynote video for complete action. You can also read another blog for more details and pictures. iPhone announcement got a very encouraging reaction from stock markets as well, as apple’s stocks soared on the bourses whereas stocks of other handset manufacturers like Nokia, Motorola and Samsung came down.

One thing which I don’t like is that Apple does not offer an SDK for developers like us to develop applications for iPhone and I hope that changes soon in future. Read more – what’s missing from iPhone.

Apple aims to have 1% market share of annual mobile sales(1 Billion) in 2008 and that’s not a small expectation by any means so let’s wait and watch if all the hype around the iPhone translates into real sales or not.

Update on 7th Many 08: Vodafone bringing iPhone to India in September 2008

Technology working at Grassroot level

Hi everybody,

I just wanted to share with you 2 software solutions, Mobile solutions to be precise. I found out about them while doing my routine surfing for getting some information. Its really good to see some top end technology working for the most need of our society.

More of such solutions are required to change the face of our mother India.

1. Tribal Welfare Information Management System (TWIMS)

TWIMS is an integrated solution of India Health Care (IHC), the School Education Management System (SEMS), Beneficiary Monitoring System (BMS), Village Monitoring System (VMS) & Accounts.

This application enables the effective distribution of the benefit schemes to tribals through the Integrated Tribal Development Agency (ITDA).

The system retrieves data from MPHS data and filters data for health, beneficiary, education and village level information. The various health-related services and information about school children is captured using personal digital assistant (PDA), a pocket computer from which the data is transferred to a desktop computer. Using this data, various reports can be generated and be given to the corresponding statistical officials.

Check out the full article at:

2. Software for dairy farmers

There was a front page story in today’s City Line supplement of our local english daily The Hitavada. It talks about a special software kit developed in collaboration with Maharashtra Animal and Fishery Sciences University(MAFSU), which consists of an electronic ear-tag (RFID) that can store lifetime records of the animal. The kit also includes a Pocket PC based animal data recorder based on a software named ‘Herdman’.

The field persons involved in process can maintain the data at village level using a Pocket PC which is regularly transferred to milk union server via computer at village cooperative dairy. These records help the animal owners to fetch a good price for the animal. The data can also be used by the banks and insurance firms for settlement claims.

I could not find its online version, so those of you, who are interested in full story need to check out Nagpur city edition of Hitavada dated 21 September 2005.

Nokia respecting consumer demands at last

Nokia has been offering its traditional candybar handsets till now, but now pressure from operators and consumers have restulted in it offering variety of designs for its handsets. Of the 40 handset nokia models launched in 2005, more than half are clamshell, slider or other factors, compared to just three in 2004.

Other areas, outside its normal cellular sphere, where Nokia hopes to establish a strong and high margin presence include near field communications (NFC). The company joined forces last week with Samsung, Philips and Visa to promote products based on Philips’ NFC standard,which Nokia has now incorporated into a handset through a ‘shell’ attached to the back of the device. This shell interfaces with the NFC radio and communicates directly with the phone’s baseband, supporting applications such as making swipe payments for items such as travel tickets, using a phone waved over a special terminal. Nokia and Philips also announced a joint project with Rhein-Main Verkehrsverbung, the public transport authority for Frankfurt, Germany, to use NFCcapablemobile handsets in a trial.

Nokia also plans to launch a handset model with built-in television receiver in 2006 and plans to begin offering 20 tv channels in next 2 years. Nokia is already testing the handset in finland and UK and plans to commence tests in US soon.

But there is no news about Live TV Mobile coming to India any sooner. Till then enjoy recordings of TV shows on your Reliance India Mobile 🙂