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Google Search using SMS

Just read on Alootechie about the launch of Google SMS in India. You can now search by simply sending an sms to 54664 (5GOOG) from your mobile. It will cost you upto Rs. 3 for each sms you send, however BSNL postpaid subscribers pay just 80 Paise for sending sms.

Some example of queries include: pizza andheri west mumbai, movies hyderabad, translate hello in french, weather Delhi etc. You can perform 9 types of searches/queries using Google SMS which makes it very very useful in my opinion. Currently this service is available only in Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad and Mumbai.

As an Google admirer I welcome Google SMS in India and await their rollout in more cities and with more service providers. Incidently google is also experimenting with mobile advertising and it will be interesting when google starts inserting ads in SMS and shares revenue with service providers and mobile users can use the service for free, I mean they don’t even pay for sending the message. That will surely be a google way to do the things. I am keeping my fingers crossed till then.

Snap to take on Google

Snap a new search engine which allows you to see the previews of the search results aims to take on Google and other search engines and take the war to next level. It also allows user to rate the search results and interact with the searched site without opening it.

It also provides a neat widget which anybody can add to their site/blog to provide the preview functionality to visitors. Widget is called Snap Preview Anywhere (SNAP) – See Demo

I think its a cool web 2.0 tool. What do you guys feel?