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Win a Windows Phone on Twitter

If you are already on Twitter, then its gr8. If you aren’t then now there is one more reason to start tweeting. Now you can win a Windows Phone by using Twitter.

The contest is called Windows Phone Treasure Hunt and runs between 22nd June and 10th July. All you need to do is:
1. Start following @WPC09.
2. Keep an eye on updates. Questions aka missions will be posted as updates. Contains hint as well 🙂
3. Respond via Tweet with your correct answer.
Remember you need to tweet in the exact format – @WPC09: Mission # , answer = . #windowsphone
This page contains full Rules and Regulations.
I am @palewar on Twitter and you are welcome to follow me as well, although I am not yet giving away any prizes on Twitter. Happy Tweeting 🙂

Google for Windows Mobile

Google Mobile App started supporting Windows Mobile last week. It allows you to perform a google search right from your Today screen without need for opening a browser first. It also gives you quick access to other google applications like maps, reader, blogger, orkut, documents, calendar etc.

Google is regularly releasing applications for Windows Mobile platform. In the recent past it has released Google Latitude and Google Sync as well. Latitude allows you to see where your friends are on Google Map and Sync allows you to sync your phone contacts and calendar with Google. 
To check out all these cool Google applications for Windows Mobile click here. And to all the readers of this blog once again, you can contact me at- sachin AT palewar DOT com for any Windows Mobile software development requirement.

Do you need a START button on Windows Mobile?

Windows Mobile 6.1 is just released and it has some nice interface tweaks and supposed to be more stable and faster than windows mobile 6. Its a great mobile OS due to its familiarity and compatibility with Windows for desktop. However Microsoft has never given much thought to user experience I guess.

I understand that windows mobile resembles windows in many ways and that probably makes adaptation easier but it probably goes too far with windows resemblance that it ends up being a non-userfriendly mobile OS.

I fully agree with Kevin Hoffman that Windows Mobile is a shrunken and crippled version of windows. I don’t see any value of a Start button on a Mobile OS. I have a few suggestions for Windows Mobile User-Experience team:

  1. Please remove the Start Button, its not needed.
  2. Show big, finger-friendly icons for various applications right on Home screen.
  3. Reduce number of screens and taps required to do various things.
  4. Please do away with tiny text labels and other little user interface elements wherever possible.

I think MS can borrow ideas from Palm, Symbian and other mobile OS. All of them seem to adhere to more or less same user-interface concepts.

Sony Ericsson’s first Windows Mobile phone announced

Sony Ericsson yesterday announced its first windows mobile phone called XPERIA™ X1. So all those rumors were really true. I am now waiting for rumor about Nokia also going windows mobile way to be true as well 🙂

I don’t know how MS pulled this off considering SE has stakes in Symbain and launced only Symbian powered smartphones earlier. It will be interesting to see if Nokia also takes the bait.

Official press release by SE is here and another relevant news is here.

Its seem Windows Mobile is now really looking to grab the mobile OS share in consumer market as well. Its has already got good share in mobile OS for corporate market.