Vodafone bringing iPhone to India

28th June – Book iPhone

Update on 12th May: Airtel going to launch the iPhone as well.

Its official now. Vodafone India announced that its going to launch the much awaited iPhone in India later this year. Media speculates that it will be launched sometime in September this year. I am already on Vodafone so that’s good I will not need to unlock iPhone to use on other carriers if I buy one.

This news is everywhere but I am taking CIOL’s word on it being an official announcement by Vodafone. Unfortunately Vodafone has no press release on its website. Infact their latest press releases are dated February 2008. Considering that I have never received a response after leaving feedback on their website and that their website was hacked last year, it seems Vodafone does not take its website seriously.

Anyway coming back to iPhone, media is of the view that its going to be priced around Rs. 27,000 to Rs. 30,000 range so its not going to be easy on your pockets however die-hard fans will buy it anyway for any price I guess. 8GB version will be launched initially followed by 16 GB version in a few months.

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2 thoughts on “Vodafone bringing iPhone to India

  1. This is surely great news. It would be great if you would tell more about iPhone as there is no awareness about it here.

  2. Well iPhone is a cool mobile device from Apple and one of the greated mobile phone available today. It has touch screen but no stylus as you can do everything using your fingers. Its user interface is really superb, straight-forward and simple. You scroll without scrollbar by just sliding your finger down. You can browse images like you are flipping images of an image album. You rotate it and its display rotates automatically and the list goes on.

    I posted a blog post on iPhone when it was launched, you can check that out. Also more details and virtual tour is available on Apple’s site. If you want to know anything else or anything specific, just let me know.

    However I am not an expert as I haven’t myself seen an iPhone yet. However you can find many ppl in Nagpur using iPhones which they managed to get unlocked to use on their respective networks.

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