Why wait a full year

Another Valentine day is just over, my second after you have gone to be precise. Today was like any other day as you are not here to celebrate with me.

I still remember how we used to celebrate every occasion on monthly basis because of your insistence ofcourse 🙂

Our marriage anniversary, our ‘saying yes’ anniversary, B’day of our just born daughter and even our engagement anniversary had to be celebrated each month. So we always had something to celebrate. Your excitement in celebrating all these days was remarkable.

And on days when we didn’t have anything to celebrate there was this question from you – “What’s away just 5 days, 4 days and so on”

I really loved the way you would ask – “3 दिन बाद क्या है?”, you sounded so sweet when asking that, exactly like an innocent child.

Your philosophy was “Why wait a full year when we can celebrate every month”

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