Wi-Fi enabled, Mobile Ready, Solar Tent

I really struggled to think of a suitable title for this post. There are so many things about this innovative tent concept that you just can’t describe it with a few words.

Anyway let’s get started:
1. Do you notice that the tent is glowing in night as shown in the image to left? Now isn’t that cool. Here is how exactly it works. You send a SMS to your tent and it starts glowing to tell you its location, so that you don’t loose it šŸ™‚
2. This tent uses a special fabric to capture solar energy which can then further be used in many ways in your tent.
3. Wi-Fi and Mobile Charging – Yes true you have wi-fi inside this tent to use internet and you have a charging facility to charge mobiles or any portable device. Charging is done by using magnetic induction so no wires are required.
4. Internal Heating – Now the energy generated by the tent can also be used to automatically heat tent’s groundsheet once the interior temperature falls below a set level.
This tent concept is a vision by Orange and has been designed in association with Kaleidoscope. For official Press Release click here.
Now I don’t know how many people will actually like to use wi-fi or charge their mobiles while camping but I think automatic heating, night glow will definitely be handy and charging can be used to charge cameras as well. So let me know what do you think about this tent concept? Thanks for reading šŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “Wi-Fi enabled, Mobile Ready, Solar Tent

  1. Hey this concept looks cool. I’d like to try out such tent. but sadly in India we dont have the concept of camping in tents with family. I only got to camp during a summer camp.

    1. Ya you are right. I also like the idea of camping but haven’t really experienced it yet. There are 2 organisations in Nagpur – 1. Outward Bound Bharat and 2. CAC Allrounder which organise Himalayan Expedition. Am very interested to go on one probably next year. May experience some camping then šŸ™‚ Thanks for reading my blog.

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