You don’t need 2 lungs to laugh

We all were shocked to find that your left lung has almost collapsed due to fluid accumulated outside it. Its called Pleural Effusion in medical terms. Doctors drained the fluid out but it slowly came back again. Now this Pleural Effusion can happen due to lot of reasons, but there was always a doubt in our mind that probably your Sarcoma (Epithelioid Sarcoma) has reached to your lung from your toe.

We all were worried, but we were not really sure if Cancer is again back to haunt us. It was just the beginning of bad days to come.

It was ironical that our worst time was to begin right after we had best times of life, our sweet and beautiful daughter ‘Chibu’ was just born a couple of months back.

You always had this habit of cracking a joke and make everybody laugh no matter what the situation was.

Looking at all our grim faces surrounding your hospital bed, you said something which only you could have said.

You said – “अरे इतना बड़ा चिबु था ना अन्दर, वो बाहर आ गया तो जगह खाली हो गयी. खाली जगह में पानी भर गया बस. और कोई problem नहीं है. अभी पानी निकाला है अब सब ठीक हो जायेगा.”

Which in English will probably be – “Oh I had such healthy baby inside me na and now she is no longer inside so there was this vacume after her birth, fluid has taken up that vacume, this is just a temporary problem, doctors have drained out the fluid, now everything will be alright.”

Hearing this we all smiled and became a little relaxed.

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